Well, That Escalated Quickly: Pauly D Went From Positivity To PO'd On Family Vacation

The normally affable DJ kinda blew a gasket

We've seen some different sides to Pauly D over the years: the disc jockey, the prankster, the human alarm clock (oh yeah, wake up, yeah!) and Vinny's other half, to name a few. But we've rarely been graced with the Pauly we witnessed on tonight's drama-filled Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2.

The typically positive DJ went from zero to 60 in a matter of nanoseconds after one of his nonbiological family members found herself the butt of a rather rude comment. After discovering that a "piece of sh*t" heckler (Jenni's words) dubbed a pregnant Deena "fat," Pauly wasn't having it.

"What type of person calls a pregnant woman fat? What type of man are you?" he asked. "If you really, really, really want to talk sh*t about any of us, you can have Angelina for 10 minutes."

Pauly's anger only intensified when the crew ran into the same dude the following night. "Yeah, get out of our table, you chooch," he hollered, also demanding that the baby-bump hater apologize. "He wanted a rise -- well, he got one. I want to punch him in his f*cking face."

When the douchmeister further added fuel to the fire with a flip of his middle finger, the reigning prank war champion lost it. He jumped to his feet and yelled in the dude's face -- we're talking neck-vein-popping yelled.

"I'm a positive guy, but the only thing this guy is doing to me is Pauly D positively pissing me off," Pauly noted.

Immediately following the outburst, fellow club goers erupted into cheers and "Pauly! Pauly!" chants. But it was Deener who was the proudest of all.

"Pauly goes and makes this freaking guy his b*tch, and I love it, and so does everybody else," she said. "It means the world when Pauly stands up for us girls... You don't mess with our family."

So tell us: What do you think of Pauly's outburst? And are we the only ones who think it only adds to the reasons he's boyfriend material? Speak your mind, then catch the season finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.