Meatball's Return: Will The Family Vacation Dynamic Change Now That Deena Is Back?

The mommy-to-be has finally reunited with her Jersey clan

Rejoice, Shore lovers, 'cause the (other) meatball has returned!

But before we raise a glass, there's just one thing: The last time the Jersey Shore crew was all under one roof for family vacation (brief Seaside Heights weekend aside), things got a little... saucy, to say the least. Angelina was sharting and shaking things up, Ronnie was spiraling into French fries, and Deena (bless her sensitive soul) was being unnecessarily shoved into swimming pools. Now that the latter is expecting a mini meatball of her own, her upbeat presence has been notably absent from vacation.

"I do miss Deena. I mean, she's a meatball," Vinny shared. "She raises the spirits and, especially having Angelina here with us, I feel the void even more."

That's when the roomies decided to evoke their inner Mission: Impossible by kidnapping Deener (and her baby bump). While the girls wanted to lure their friend outside with pastries and peonies, the guys suggested trash bags, tasers and a creepy van. Neither plan panned out though, and instead, we got Vinny in pantyhose.

When the time came to do the deed, Deena was totally willing, with just a few conditions: Her own smush-free bedroom and her own bathroom (keep out, Ronnie -- and your plunger too).

Fast-forward to the gang's first family dinner with Deena, and the table-side chatter quickly spiraled from the usual (Ron's life) to inappropriate territory, all thanks to Angelina and her fake breasts. Apparently, somebody needs to get "pounded out" (close your ears, Baby Meatball!) -- and we'll give you one solid guess who. Here's a hint: She's on her third engagement.

Sex talk (and Angelina-Vinny shenanigans) aside, how will the roommates get along now that they're all back together? Give us your best predictions, then tune in to an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 next Thursday at 8/7c.