Teen Mom 2 Wedding Bells: Will Kailyn Really Marry Chris?

According to the young mother, the idea isn't off the table

Kailyn has a blended family, and the mother of three is doing her best at handling her boys' situations with their fathers on Teen Mom 2. Now, while discussing Lauren and Javi’s new baby this week and explaining he’ll be Lincoln’s brother but not Isaac’s, the topic of marriage came up. And that's when Kail dropped a bombshell on her kiddos.

What happened? When Lincoln said that he didn’t have a stepdad, Isaac said it's because their mom can’t wed again since she married Javi already. “I thought girls and boys only marry once,” he said.

Kail explained that though the plan is to only get married once, “it doesn’t always go that way,” and she’s not opposed to settling down again in the future.

“Javi and I aren’t together anymore, so I can get married if I want,” she told her sons. “Maybe I’ll meet somebody, or maybe me and the baby’s dad will get married one day.”

Say what?!

On the premiere episode, Kailyn did admit that she and Lux’s father Chris were back on good terms and trying to figure things out. Plus, at last season’s reunion show, she told Dr. Drew that she still loved him. So do you think they’ll work things out? Could wedding bells really be in the future for Lux’s mom and dad? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.