Can Joss and Sylvia Pull Out A Final Reckoning Win?

The American-Brit team didn’t seem like a threat, but their record speaks for itself

The Redemption House has been cleared and sealed shut, and the ultimate group of Final Reckoning contenders has been identified. But among the group’s likeliest champions, could a fly-below-the-radar duo prove to be the pair to beat?

On tonight’s Challenge episode, and after teams Kayleigh/Kam and Johnny/Tony were welcomed back into the Main House (while teams Brad/Kyle and Shane/Nelson were sent packing), the game’s final six teams were tasked with surviving yet another Purge Challenge. In “Rolling Thunder,” each team had to roll a boulder from one end of a course to the other. The hard part? There was a giant ravine in the middle of the path that would serve as a significant obstacle.

And Sylvia was immediately sure she was ill-prepared for the test of endurance.

“Maybe I should have been running those laps in the backyard instead of shoveling pizza and potato chips down my throat,” she said.

When TJ blew the horn to signal the mission’s start, Natalie and Paulie made the best of their 10-second head start. By the time teams got to the ravine, though, struggle set in, and though Tony and Bananas were the first to emerge from the ditch, it was Joss and Sylvia who tore out of the gulley like a couple of road runners.

“It’s a constant struggle pushing this thing up the hill,” Bananas said as he approached the finish line. “And Joss is pushing this ball up the hill like it’s a beach ball.”

And that beach ball sailed over the finish line long before the rest. Finally, Joss and Sylvia had won a mission.

“This is insane,” Sylvia said. “We finally pulled out our first win. We’re ready for the final.”

But is it really so insane, and is it really such a surprise that Joss and Sylvia are a threat? After all, they’re the game’s only original team that hasn’t been eliminated, and they’ve taken out heavy-hitters Tori, Johnny and Tony in Armageddon. Is their “Rolling Thunder” win just an omen for good things to come?

What do you think — could Joss and Sylvia really pull out a Final Reckoning win, and have they finally hit their stride? Or are their victories in a vacuum, and will the grit of the final mission take the wind out of their sails? Share your thoughts, and see how these two proceed Tuesday night!