Ricky Vigil/GC Images

Justin Bieber Made His Hair Disappear For Halloween

R.I.P. to his legendary lettuce

Earlier this week, we learned that Justin Bieber can, in fact, eat a burrito correctly — or at least that it wasn't him in that viral photo after all. A huge part of that pic's success was the Biebs lookalike pulled in to pose for the shot, as well as the blond wig they plopped on his head. And it's true: Since about 2015, Bieber's lettuce has been strong, really coming into its own this year.

In 2018, the Biebs mane has toggled mildly between weekend surfer and flowy festival prince, but it's stayed mostly in the long-ish realm. Not anymore, baby! It's Halloween, and Justin Bieber just made his hair disappear. By shaving it all off.

In the new photo, he sports a black tee and assumes his best 2007 mirror-selfie pose, but the creeping tats on his arm and mischievous smirk on his face recalls something more like 2000 — specifically, a Slim Shady music video. Maybe Justin's opting for a subtle Eminem costume? Or maybe this is just what he looks like now.

Justin tweeted out the photo on Tuesday night (October 30) without explanation. A possible one is, of course, that he wants a fresh start to begin his new life with his (maybe) wife, Hailey Baldwin. Another is that it was crowding his line of vision during hockey, although all the greats had some serious flow and he knows it. It is also Halloween, so. Take that for what it's worth.

Whatever his reasons, his hair's back to being even shorter than it was in summer 2017. But don't worry: Who's to say that salad won't be back to full strength in just a few months?