Family Matters: Can CT 'Bring Everybody Together' For His Challenge Wedding?

The two-time champ isn't sure if his father and his sister will attend

Chris "CT" Tamburello is about to invade married life -- but some people very important to the two-time Challenge champion may not be in attendance on his big day.

During tonight's premiere of The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, CT formally introduced the MTV audience to his bride-to-be Lili, their son CJ and his life in Miami outside of the long-running competitive series. But there is some tension brewing before the couple's big day -- specifically with the Tamburello clan.

"My family is not exactly a big fan of Lili because we've had some hiccups," the Real World alum confessed. "I proposed to Lili the night before I left for another Challenge. I didn't tell my family that I was engaged, but I didn't tell Lili that I didn't tell them. So when Lili called to set up the arrangements, [it was like] 'Uh what? You guys are getting married?'"

The supposed "Clash of the Titans" (how CT described the debacle) left everyone hurt -- so CT decided it would be best to travel home to Boston and speak with everyone face-to-face. First up: CT met with his brother Jason and his sister Vanessa, and the siblings launched right into the controversial situation (after some hugs).

Vanessa admitted her frustration had to do with "how everything went down" with the engagement and explained how their parents thought it was a dig that others knew about their son's big query before they did.

"You could have taken two seconds to give them a phone call rather than a text from Lili," Vanessa stated simply, to which her brother softly admitted he was sorry.

But Vanessa's feelings went deeper than the debacle regarding everyone's lack of awareness about the impending nuptials.

"It's not who I expected you to end up with," she explained. "She's not my favorite person in the world, but she did give me CJ." In a separate interview, she then said that Lili is "very fake."

CT's efforts to get everyone on the same page didn't stop there: He FaceTimed Lili, who asked Vanessa if she would be a bridesmaid. But Vanessa didn't jump at the opportunity.

"The last thing I heard is you guys were splitting up. There was a bunch of turmoil in between, and all of a sudden, you guys are getting married," Vanessa responded. "I have to think about it."

And when it came time for CT to return to his Massachusetts home, his parents did not allow cameras inside the house. While his strategy to visit worked with his mom (she stated she was over everything), his father wanted no contact with his son and refused to communicate with him.

But familial matters only worsened when CT returned to the Sunshine State. During a conversation with his mom, CT revealed that Vanessa made comments about Lili in a group chat which put Lili in a "bad light" to some of the people invited to the wedding.

Lili's reaction: She did not want Vanessa at the wedding. Lili asserted that she "went above and beyond" to make Vanessa a part of the festivities and also claimed that CT's sister had not been emotionally supportive to her through the years (for example: not reaching out directly about CJ). And, as expected, CT had a tough time accepting this development.

"I understand she was super rude to you and I get that, but I'm asking you to be above all of that," CT begged. "It means a lot to me, Jason, my mom. Because we're all we have left. I need help. This is my last chance to bring everybody together, like it was when I was younger, when everybody was a happy family. I want that for us. I'm trying to hold on to whatever we have left."

He continued, getting even more emotional: "If my sister doesn't come and my father doesn't come, I don't think I will ever talk to them again."

Lili conceded that Vanessa could travel to Florida for the special occasion -- but she needed to apologize and "calm down." But will Vanessa make the trip -- and will CT's dad? Or will CT be left without his sister and father on one of the most important days of his life? Give your predictions, and be sure to see what unfolds at the nuptials next Tuesday at 10/9c.