Teen Mom 2 Poll: Should Javi Formally Introduce Kailyn And Lauren?

So far, his ex and his pregnant girlfriend have yet to officially meet

Javi has a new woman in his life on Teen Mom 2: Lincoln's father and his ladylove Lauren are living together, and she's pregnant. But despite how serious their relationship has become (at a somewhat fast pace), Lauren has yet to formally meet Javi's ex-wife Kailyn.

Why haven't the two women officially connected? Kail told producers that she went through Javi’s phone and found texts from Lauren that didn’t sit well with her.

“She had this paragraph to him and kept calling me a tw*t," the mother of three said. "It must’ve been five times in one paragraph. And after that, I’m just like, 'I don’t even care to engage'...I don’t want to be involved with her, good terms [or] bad terms. You don’t exist to me."

In a separate conversation, Lauren told Javi she wanted to meet Kail and wondered why she’d never said hello to her during drop-offs. Javi agreed that it was time for them to meet and was hopeful that their first interaction would happen at Lincoln’s soccer game.

It didn’t though. The two women cheered Linc on from separate ends of the field, and no formal hellos were exchanged. But what do you think: Should Javi have made an introduction between the women? Will they ever be amicable, or will their relationship always be this awkward? Vote below, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 to see what happens next!