Here's What Halloween On The Hills Looked Like 11 Years Ago

Those Batman and Robin costumes were epic

Holiday festivities were few and far between on The Hills -- but back in 2007, the Season 3 gang celebrated Halloween in style. The crew was really feeling those costumes on their skin (yes, a bit of an "Unwritten" stretch).

In honor of the The Hills: New Beginnings and it being October 31, we're remembering how some of the cast (who will be back for more MTV adventures) dressed up for All Hallows' Eve during a Season 3 installment of the hit series. From superheroes to a music icon, check out the fun ensembles below. And be sure to stay with MTV News as we near the debut of the Hills reboot, slated for Spring 2019!

  • Audrina as Madonna

    Our girl was a Material Girl.

  • Brody and Frankie as Robin and Batman

    Gotham City Tinseltown was safe because the DC Comics characters were around.

  • Whitney as a ladybug

    Complete with polka dots, antennas and wings!