Buh-Bye, Barnacle: Kortni Filed A Restraining Order Against Logan On Floribama Shore

He has left the building

This might be the last we see of Panama City Beach's resident barnacle -- aka Kortni's ex Logan (christened as such by Aimee).

Tonight's episode of MTV Floribama Shore kicked off with the aftermath of that ass whooping fight (cue Logan stumbling in the sand for dear life) and ended with a pretty serious restraining order.

The catalyst for the cops' involvement? It soon became apparent that Kort's ex had not only been dropping by unannounced with flowers and homemade rap lyrics, he'd also been threatening her family and friends -- not to mention following the gang around town, from bars to barber shops.

"This is a lot deeper than anyone may think," Kortni confessed. "My safety is at risk, and so is other people's. I can't go out for five minutes without him showing the hell up."

While the PCB native was quick to blame herself for the latest round of Floribama shenanigans, her roommates assured her otherwise, encouraging her to file a restraining order once and for all.

"This is dangerous. Normal people don't do this sh*t," Aimee said, while Nilsa added, "Maybe you putting a restraining order on him will open his eyes."

A quick conversation with law enforcement -- who immediately recognized Loganator's name -- along with a visit to the police station left Kortni feeling relieved.

"It feels good to put the ball in my court when it comes to the drama that's going in my life with Logan," she said. "I feel a little bit of relief that it's over and we can move on from this. And you know what? I feel safer now that I'm pressing charges on him."

She also probably feels safer now that she's got her security team Jerigus (aka Bink and Bop) on her side, but we digress.

All's calm in Floribama for now, but will it stay that way for long? (Kirk sure doesn't think so). Tell us your thoughts, then catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/9c.