Young And Pregnant Predicament: Should Kayla Move Out And Risk Losing Her Mom's Support?

Jaime says that if her daughter bounces, she's on her own

Kayla is working hard to raise son Izaiah on her own without much emotional or financial support from his dad Stephan on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. And while she does have such support from her mother Jaime, that might soon change...

On this week's episode, Kayla landed a part-time job at a makeup store (she's still going to school as well) and felt pleased about all she’d accomplished as a young, single mother.

“I’m proud of myself that I’ve been supporting Izaiah on my own,” she told a friend. “I’ve got this job, which is going to lead to me getting an apartment. Knowing that I don’t need Stephen and I can do it by myself is a powerful feeling.”

This newfound independence made Kayla contemplate moving out of her mom's place with Izaiah and into an apartment with her friend Devin. But when Kayla told her mom she wanted to move, Jaime didn't think it was a good idea and said she'd stop helping her daughter out financially if she left.

“If you move out, I’m not going to keep paying for all of your stuff [when] you get to go make money and spend it on whatever, and I’m working my ass off 40/50 hours a week,” Jaime said. “You want me to help you with everything, yet Stephan’s not paying any child support.”

Kayla later told the cameras that she felt like her mom was setting her up for failure so she and the baby would stay put, but do you think that's really the case, or do you understand Jaime's point of view? And should Kayla move without her mom’s support or stay home? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.