Disappearing Act: Is Rachael's Catfish Off The Grid For Good?

Vance professed his love, then -- poof! -- simply vanished

A woman spent all her teen years in a relationship with a man she’d never met in person, but did they have a happy ending when they finally came face-to-face on tonight’s Catfish?

Rachael, a 23-year-old from Iowa City, had met Vance on MySpace when she was just 12 years old. Fast-forward to 11 years later, and the two had fallen madly in love.

But Vance had super-suspicious behavior: He and Rachael talked on the phone constantly, but he refused to FaceTime. Even worse, Rachael said that he often changed his number, then ghosted her, then reappeared with new digits. Currently, she hadn't phoned with him for at least six months.

Immediately, Nev and his guest host for the week -- beauty guru/model Kamie Crawford -- began to investigate. And, well, look at that -- they discovered five possible criminal records that belonged to a man with the same full name as Vance, compelling Kamie to make a spot-on point.

“For six months, [Rachael] hasn't been able to talk to him on the phone," she noted. "And why is that? Because six months ago, his ass got locked up."

Eventually, Nev and Kamie got in touch with Vance, who had excuses aplenty. For one, when Nev offered to foot the bill for his flight to Iowa, he said he couldn't get on a plane because he didn't have proper ID. Then he made a truly catfishy request.

“Would you be able to wire the money to my friend in his name, and I’d go with him to pick up the money?" he asked. "Then I could get the ID and go do what I gotta do to make this happen.”

Nev's thought bubble: Bitch, please.

But Vance promised to use the money for his trip to meet Rachael and, so, the funds were sent. A day later, Vance really did show up -- and he was exactly who he said he was. Still, Nev brought up "the elephant in the room."

"Have you been in some sort of detention center?" he asked. "We found what looks to be an arrest record."

“The arrest is just what it is. It only happened one time, and it was all dismissed," Vance claimed.

When Kamie noted all the other criminal offenses, Vance insisted, “No, that wasn’t me. I’ve only been arrested once.” Then he made his intentions with Rachael clear.

“I’m real, you’re real,” he told her. “I came all the way out here -- I’m obviously interested in you … I love you."

Rachael's response: “I love you too.”

And when Rachael brought up their past conversations about “building a house and a family,” Vance said he was still on board. “I’ll get my ducks in a row so you know I can pull my own weight,” he promised.

So what happened with the budding romance? Absolutely nothing. Three months later, Rachael reported that “we were talking a little bit, and he was acting super weird. And I was like, ‘I’m not going to keep begging you to be in my life.’”

And get this: Right after their meeting, Rachael said, Vance asked her to send him money.

"I said no," she announced.

*Insert applause here*

As for Vance? He went off the grid, and Catfish producers were unable to ever reach him.

So what really happened? Do you think Vance was a BS artist all along? Or will he resurface -- like always -- and try to make things work with Rachael? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.