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NCT 127 Make Their Confident English Debut With Latin-Infused Single 'Regular'

Of course it's bursting with the K-pop group's signature bass-heavy beats and confident swagger

NCT 127's latest single is anything but regular. The Latin-infused bop is the Korean group's first predominently English-language song, and it's bursting with NCT's signature bass-heavy beats and confident swagger. (Do we think these guys ever slow down?)

"Regular" gives everyone in the 10-member group room to flex — even newest recruit Jungwoo gets some shine — but it's a real showcase for dynamic rappers Taeyong and Mark, who have been front and center in the NCT fold since the collective's trap-inspired debut in 2016.

And with lyrics like "I am too rich to compete, so don't compare to me" and "we are not the same, only one of me," NCT 127 are clearly trying to distinguish themselves from their K-pop peers. And the accompanying visual is as stylish and visually sumptuous as we've come to expect from NCT, as the Seoul-based unit lean into a swaggy sci-fi, street-hustler concept. Not to mention, Mark gets to walk an actual tiger, which is pretty cool.

As Apple Music's newest "Up Next" artists, the K-pop boy band debuted "Regular" on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio on Monday (October 8). Canadian-born Mark told host Zane Lowe that releasing an English version of the song is all part of NCT's global approach to music. "We've realized that we wanted to focus on spreading our music to the world," he said. "So we needed an English version of the song, and we wanted our international fans to listen to it as well."

The Korean version of "Regular" will drop later this week with the release of the group's forthcoming full-length album, Regular-Irregular, on October 12.