Alessia Cara Sees The Light In Her Defiant 'Trust My Lonely' Video

Watch her carelessly dance her troubles away

If anyone knows a thing or two about brushing off haters, it's Alessia Cara. This year alone, the singer expertly dismissed critics who questioned whether she deserved a Grammy, then triumphantly launched her second album era with the relatable jam "Growing Pains." Now, the 22-year-old is back with another new earworm, "Trust My Lonely," which comes with an awesomely empowering message.

In the bubbly track's video, Cara performs in front of various colorful backdrops in sunny locales like a beach, a football field, and a grassy meadow. While goofily and carelessly dancing, she sings, "Go get your praise from someone else / You did a number on my health / My world is brighter by itself, and I can do better, do better."

Upon releasing the video, Cara explained the song's meaning on Twitter, writing, "It's human instinct to hold onto things that aren't good for us sometimes because we're afraid of being without them. They become our comfort. In some cases, it's a toxic relationship, in others, a bad friendship, or in my case — and the reason I wrote this song — internal black clouds and voices of doubt, both my own and those of others. Letting go is not easy, but most times it's the uncomfortable nudge we need in order to find a happier place within ourselves. This song is for you and for me. Let it be both a reminder and celebration of the frequently forgotten sentiment that we're here and we're okay."

The video also sees the return of the symbolic oversized suit Cara's been regularly rocking lately. On Instagram, she said that the suit "visually represents the idea of growing up too fast, or trying to fit ourselves into roles that can feel too large to handle." Considering her forthcoming sophomore album is titled The Pains of Growing, that seems like a perfectly suited (sorry) metaphor.