Catfish Poll: Will Chelsea And Lennie’s Lovefest Really Last?

After a questionable face-to-face, the two might just have a happy ending

A young man and woman seemed to have found their happy ending on this week’s episode of Catfish, but will they really make their relationship work and go the distance?

Chelsea, a 28-year-old from Salt Lake City, had reached out to Nev and guest sleuth du jour Tallulah Willis (aka the writer/artist daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) because she wanted to finally meet Lennie, a 30-year-old from North Carolina.

But Chelsea hadn't met Lennie on a dating site or app -- she first became enamored with him when he appeared on the reality TV show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. After contacting him on his fan page, they began talking every single day for an entire year, even talking marriage/kids. But there were issues -- like, you know, the fact that he wouldn't even FaceTime with her.

Nev and Tallulah quickly started investigating. Their first move: sending a message to Pierce, one of Lennie's Facebook friends. And Pierce delivered some bad news.

“His involvement with [his fan] page is minimal, at best,” he said, adding that Lennie never had much to do with his fans directly and, worse, that the page was run by "a bunch" of different people.

So was "Lennie" just one of the fan-page managers who took a liking to Chelsea and assumed the former reality TV star's persona? Nope. Lennie was really Lennie. And when he and Chelsea finally met face-to-face, he had a bunch of excuses reasons for why he'd never met or even FaceTimed her.

“It’s kind of hard with my schedule," he said. Besides, he added, “She has seen me on TV and she has that understanding of me... [and] I’m just kind of concerned about how she pictures me in her head versus reality.” In addition, he said, "It’s kind of a long-distance thing. Flights are expensive.”

He later reiterated all his concerns directly to Chelsea. “I’d like a relationship," he told her, "but figuring out how to do that is the tough part.”

Her response? "I don’t feel like you ever really had the intention of having anything serious. You just liked the idea." Then, proving she has a heart of gold, she announced, "We’ll be friends.”

The good news? The two stayed friends. The even-better news? That friendship turned into a relationship. “I’ve been talking to Lennie pretty much every single day,” Chelsea reported during a video catchup with Nev and Tallulah three weeks later, adding that her now-official “boyfriend” had “started making actual attempts at making things work.”

Meanwhile, Lennie said he was planning to visit Chelsea soon. “I feel like I didn’t express how much I cared about her, and I was a little shy," he said. "Now I’m trying to put forth the effort into actually creating a relationship with her.”

Hooray for the happy ending, but we’ve got to ask: Do you think Lennie is serious about making his romance with Chelsea work, and will their relationship blossom? Vote in our poll and then tell us your thoughts, and be sure to catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.