Which MTV Cohorts Would These Challenge Competitors Choose For Their Bridal Party?

Cara Maria has the ultimate mock lineup (groom included)

When one says "I do," they typically have a close circle of friends by their side (aka bridesmaids and groomsmen). And pretty soon, CT's crew will be next to him as he experiences this exciting new life chapter with longtime love Lili (you can watch it all beginning this Tuesday).

But if his fellow MTV cast mates had to pick only Challenge folks to be a part of their wedding day, who would it be? First up, Cara Maria has a very detailed dream line-up.

"TJ Lavin would officiate it, as long as the only twist he throws in would be that we win one million dollars," the two-time champ told MTV News. "For girls, his wife Roxy. And my maid of honor would be Natalie -- for makeup and moral support. I'd have Britni because she would be my naked fairy. Jenna and Emily [Schromm], because Emily is great to look at and would keep me in shape. Maybe I'd have her be in charge of the menu. And Cooke, because she's the truth."

Cara continued: "Guys would be CT, Johnny, Zach, Leroy, Jozea and Frank. I would have Kyle there to pick up trash at the end -- and by trash, I don't mean the leftover drunken female guests."

And yes, Cara Maria even chose a groom.

"I would marry Paulie," she concluded. "Because if I had to sleep with one human the rest of my life, it might as well be the real-life Christian Grey upgrade."

Meanwhile, Shane found it tough to pick between his fellow competitors from back in the day versus current players.

"This would be a very difficult situation," the Road Rules alum confessed. "I am a bridge between two generations -- the OG generation and now this new crew. My OG crew is the original mean girls, which is Tina, Rachel and Veronica. And if I were to replace them with the Lavender Ladies of Ashley, Sylvia and Amanda, they would kill me."

Lastly, Leroy's best man would "100 percent" be Johnny Bananas, and Dario would also play a special part in the nuptials. As for the invite list?

"Everyone thinks I hate Cara, but I don’t. I love her, and she would be invited," the Battle of the Exes II silver medalist explained. "I’m the most in love with Veronica, so she might be the person who stands up and says, ‘Leroy, don’t do it!’ and I would leave with her. Nany’s my favorite and, of course, Mike Mike [from Real World: Las Vegas]."

If you could pick Challenge guys and gals to be in your mock nuptials, who would it be? Give your picks, then stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere of The Challenge: CT's Getting Married this Tuesday at 9/8c!