Are You The One? Cliffhanger: Tevin And Kenya Just Headed To The Truth Booth

Will they be perfect match?

Back on Day 1 of Are You the One?, Kenya and Tevin both declared they were on the "same page" after she stated that he "might" be her match. And now, at the near-end of this MTV experience, the two will finally find out if their gut instinct was spot on -- or totally off.

During tonight's episode, the Fate Button allowed the house to finally send the couple to the Honeymoon Suite Truth Booth. As Andrew declared this vote was a "game-changer" and Cam stated he was "very confident about this," Kenya and Tevin made the pilgrimage to the tension-filled chamber.

"This is home, this is where the heart is," the professional party host and organizer told his lady, just before sweetly confessing, "I'm starting to fall in love with you."

Kenya's views: "No matter what the screen says -- no matter what -- you'll have me. It doesn't matter. I'm always going to be here."

And the wait continues: The installment ended with Kenya admitting she was nervous (who wouldn't be?) and Tevin telling her to "take a deep breath" (always good advice in times of stress) -- sans a yay or nay result. While the two are confident -- and were even toasting to their future together at their date pre-TB -- are they indeed a match? Or is there someone else in that house for each of them? Cast your vote below, give your take on the situation and do not miss the next Are You the One? episode on Wednesday at 10/9c!