Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Returns To Seaside Heights (And We're Getting Shades Of 2009)

It's official: The boardwalk is back

Vegas (and its never-ending drama) has officially peaced out, so it was only natural that our faves from Family Vacation make a triumphant return to their old stomping grounds: The Jersey Shore, b*tch!

Back in Seaside Heights where it all began nearly a decade ago, the crew (minus one Ronnie and a certain sweetheart -- both ironic and totally unrelated) opted to retreat for a few days at their old digs.

Cue a little flawless foreshadowing on the shore situation from Mike: "Gettin' everyone back together at the shore house in Seaside, that would be nothing short of magic. It has been six years since the squad has been back, but I predict that it will be like not a day has passed, and we get right in our groove."

Truer words were never spoken -- at least not since the last time Pauly D announced the arrival of the cabs -- because we were instantly greeted with some serious 2009 déjà vu:

  • The Excitement Is (Still) Real

    Despite the absence of fist pumping, the cast literally couldn't wait to get back to the boardwalk. "I am so excited to go back to Seaside," said JWOWW. "I haven't seen the house in years."

  • Party's Heeeeere (Again)!

    Snooki's eternal greeting never. gets. old.

  • The MVP Is Back, Baby

    Back in 2009, Mike, Vinny and Pauly were the first of the guys to arrive to the shore house, leading Mike and Pauly to bunk together, while Vinny opted for the lone solo bed. "MVP is reunited in one room, and I love it," Mike declared.

  • The Drinks Continued To Pour

    While this time was less "let's take shots!" and more "let's have a glass of wine," both the booze and the shore house memories were flowin'.

  • Consistency In Shore Décor

    From the wood paneling to the leopard-print bedspreads to that duck phone, the furniture and décor of the shore house seriously has not changed an iota.

  • The Squabbling Will Likely Never End

    Geographical changes have got nothing on this close-knit family's fights. Be it Italy, Miami or Jersey, the bickering is quick to follow... especially if Angelina's around.

There's more feuding where that came from -- watch the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 madness go down next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.