Battle In The Big Easy: Aimee And Gus' Floribama Fight Got Physical

Will their friendship ever be able to recover?

A debauchery-filled road trip to New Orleans -- and any plans of a drama-free getaway -- quickly went south (pun intended) for two of our MTV Floribama Shore friends.

Aimee had just finally mended fences with Nilsa after their fallout, and it seems the Princess Goddess Mermaid is now set to go HAM on Gus. Ironically, their beef all started when Nilly and the Tallahassee native waltzed into friends-with-benefits territory. And it got even hotter when Kortni started snuggling up to Gus in NOLA (more on that another day).

"Nilsa got her heart broken last summer, and I don't want her to get her heart broke again," Aimee said, feeling protective about her friend. "I don't think Kortni meant any harm, but Gus is a snake. If you're friends with benefits, also be her friend."

Fast forward to the gang's gator-huntin' excursion, and Aimee was still nursing more than a tiny twinge of bitterness toward her roommate.

"We've been on the boat for five minutes, and Gus' shirt comes off. He's so f*cking extra," she stated. "That's a f*cking douchebag, right there."

But it wasn't until after their swamptastic adventure that the drama really escalated for the hangry, tired twenty-somethings. Aimee, in temper-tantrum mode, wanted to take a nap and have ample time to get ready for dinner, but she couldn't have it both ways due to the crew's 8:30 dinner reservation -- a plan she dubbed "so goddamn selfish."

"How are we the selfish ones? We wanna go out. We want to see the city," rationalized Gus. "You're the only one that's not with the plan. Seven out of the eight people want to leave at 7:30. You're the only one that doesn't. You're the selfish one here."

That's when the insults got real, with Aimee calling Gus a "weak b*tch" for shedding tears over his past and Gus bringing up A's weight... resulting in Aimee attacking Gus a physical altercation between the two.

"This is literally my worst nightmare seeing my best friend and the guy I like going at each other's throats," Nilsa said.

Some words simply can never be forgotten -- so can Gus and Aimee's friendship recover? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch Floribama on Monday at 10/9c.