Competitors' Choice: Which Challenge Location Would Be The Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Cara, Shane, Tony, Leroy and Wes all weighed in with their opinion

The Challenge has filmed in many exotic and unique destinations through the years -- from Cutthroat and Vendettas in Europe to Rivals and Dirty 30 in South America. Plenty of passport stamps for those MTV competitors!

Since we're in the wedding spirit -- CT just showcased his recent nuptials on The Challenge: CT's Getting Married -- we asked several of his guests which location they would most like to revisit as a mock honeymoon. For Cara, coming up with one spot proved to be a challenge (had to do it).

"All of the greatest luck I have had in my life has been in the Czech Republic. I love the Czech Republic," the Battle of the Bloodlines and Vendettas victor revealed about the Cutthroat backdrop. "I also really love South Africa [Final Reckoning], and I also love Argentina [Rivals] too. Those are my top three places of all the amazing places I’ve gone to. Oh! And Spain [Vendettas] was beautiful too."

Shane and Tony both agree that Thailand (where Invasion of the Champions filmed) was their favorite, while Leroy thought Cartagena (Dirty 30) was "dope." And Wes, who recently tied the knot with a bunch of MTV faces in tow, is using a past visit for real-life inspiration.

"I haven’t gone on my honeymoon, but downtown Buenos Aires was one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen in my whole life," he said of the second Rivals location. "I want to share that with my now-wife. It will be fun to combine the two worlds and show my wife places and remind myself of things that I did with the show."

Which Challenge site would be your dream honeymoon (or even vacation) locale? Share your picks and stay with MTV News for Challenge updates.