Are You The One? Poll: Whose Back Do You Have In The Bria Vs. Morgan Clash?

Weak ass bitch vs. dumb as f*ck

Ladies having colorful Are You the One? disagreements is nothing new -- Shanley and Simone feuding after Chris/Paige's positive Truth Booth visit, the Alicia/Tyranny "#BopTheThot" reunion showdown and Uche and Jada clawing it out over Clinton are a few that come to immediate mind. And during tonight's episode, Bria and Morgan joined the aforementioned ranks -- and it was all over Zak's "good" game playing.

While the Bria/Morgan Match Up Ceremony-based bickering wasn't exactly surprising -- both young women have expressed their attraction to Zak and have acted on said feelings -- it hadn't reached this level of intensity. So what spawned the verbal onslaught? Terrence called Morgan up at the formal evening (girls were picking the guys), and she was asked about her bond with the toxic relationship addict.

"We've been talking. Conversation flows easy and nothing feels forced, and I think we could be a match," she coolly confessed.

Obviously, Terrence took the opportunity to ask Bria (who was still waiting her turn to select Zak a dude) for some thoughts -- and she promptly called Morgan a liar.

"She came to me [saying], 'Bria, I respect you so much. Bria, I want to be friends outside of this house. Bria, I would never do that to you,'” Bria stated in front of the entire gang, as she imitated Morgan. "Tears and all that weak sh*t. But we found out yesterday that she's f*cking in the Boom Boom Room. My thing is, be a real bitch about your sh*t," she continued, generating a noisy reaction from everyone (mentions for Kwasi and Nutsa applauding the tirade).

Morgan wasn't about to back down, stating that she approached Bria about pursuing Zak. But Morgan couldn't exactly make her point because Bria kept talking over her (which ultimately led to a screaming match).

The short summary: Morgan called Bria "dumb as f*ck," and Bria spat that Morgan was a "f*cking weak a** bitch."

And these gals have to live under the same roof (for the time being). But back to the situation: While Zak kinda took a side in this argument -- he thinks he's more compatible with Morgan and the two "locked in" -- who do you think is more in the right? Vote below, and keep watching to see who really is Zak's Perfect Match every Wednesday on Are You the One? at 10/9c.