Let Jessica Henwick Remind You Why Colleen Wing Is Iron Fist’s Most Essential Weapon

Go behind the scenes of Colleen’s journey this season

If you're looking for a reason to start watching Marvel's Iron Fist, we have two words for you: Colleen Wing. Netflix just dropped a new look at the Daughter of the Dragon’s journey this season, which is streaming on Netflix now, and it has a little bit of everything: hand-to-hand combat, romance, and Colleen’s signature, katana-wielding style.

In Season 2, Colleen’s at a moral crossroads — “she doesn’t want to fight anymore, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone,” says Jessica Henwick. But with Davos wreaking havoc downtown, she has no choice but to step up and defend her city alongside Danny.

If you’ve finished the season, then you know that Jessica’s Iron Fist journey is just beginning. To take a look at it from Henwick’s eyes — and to get a first-hand account of how they pulled off that epic Episode 6 fight scene with Colleen and Misty — watch the featurette below: