The Silent Treatment: Can Maci And Jen Get Their Teen Mom OG Relationship Back On Track?

As of now, Bentley's mom is barely talking to Mimi

Maci has maintained a strong relationship with Bentley’s grandparents Jen and Larry on Teen Mom OG. But ever since her co-parenting relationship with Ryan has been strained, things haven’t quite been the same with “Mimi.”

On this week’s installment, Jen texted Maci asking if Bentley could spend the night since it had been a while. Maci obliged, but things were pretty tense when Jen stopped by the house to pick him up. While Maci finished helping her son with his homework, Jen lingered in the living room, making small talk with Jayde and Maverick before leaving. Neither she nor Maci said one word to each other.

“That exchange with Jen was awkward,” Taylor told Maci later. “It was awkward, but I don’t feel like it has to be. We’re all in a crappy situation and not because of any of our own doing.”

Maci agreed that the moment was tense and that the recent circumstances with Ryan made things weird between them.

"We have never purposely not spoken to [Jen and Larry]," she said. Still, she added, “I’ll take silence over a**hole any day.”

Do you think Maci and Jen will get past their current silent treatment, and will their relationship ever go back to the way it was? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.