Should Zach Keep His Challenge Alliance With Cara Maria?

We’re betting Amanda would vote ‘no’

When Cara Maria won Vendettas, she not only earned the distinction of being the first solo victor in Challenge history, she calcified her link to Zach, who finished right behind her in second place. Ever since, the two powerhouses have vowed to keep each other safe in the game, but is it time for Zach to reconsider their bond?

On tonight’s Final Reckoning episode, Zach’s fondness of Cara met an adversarial force in Zach’s partner Amanda, who just so happened to voice her hatred for Cara any chance she got. While Zach saw a union with Cara — perhaps the strongest woman in the game — as advantageous, Amanda could only find issue with the coalition.

“I am so sick of Cara,” Amanda said. “I’m ready for her to be out of this house. Every time I’m around Cara, I get bad vibes. I know that Zach has some weird friendship with her, but that’s gonna be cut off real f*cking soon.”

Still, Cara insisted that her alliance with Zach was ironclad and that it would take more than a disgruntled partner to interfere.

“What I have with Zach is just unspoken, like he knows I’ve got him,” Cara said. “He knows I’m not gonna say his name, but the fact that he’s with Amanda — it’s no secret that me and Amanda have never been friends. She is just a person who carries a lot of hatred inside of her.”

And this back-and-forth put Zach in a particularly difficult position. On one hand, Cara reliably brings the muscle. On the other hand, Amanda and her group of Lavender Ladies — like it or not — are pretty much running the social game, much to the chagrin of veteran players like Johnny Bananas and Brad.

So will push eventually come to shove, and will Zach have to choose between the two? And if he does have, should he continue to fight alongside Cara Maria, even though she’s become sort of a social pariah in the house? Or is the fact that Cara’s a strong player irrelevant, and is she a liability to Zach if Amanda and the Lavender Ladies keep control of the game? Share your thoughts, and see how this tricky situation plays out when The Challenge returns on Tuesday at 9/8c!