Floribama Fray: Did Aimee Really Need To Go HAM On Nilsa?

That was one mad Princess Goddess Mermaid

Following Jeremiah's devastating news about his grandfather, his only request was to have a low-key night out with his MTV Floribama Shore roommates -- no drama allowed. But Nilsa had other plans.

The PCB local chose lemon drops and hot-boy huntin' over supporting her grieving friend, a move that Aimee dubbed "selfish." To further fuel the drama, Nilly was unnecessarily "mean as f*ck" to a kind, dapper-looking older gentleman, which appalled her roommates -- especially her best friend.

"Instead of being calm and being there for Jeremiah, she's getting hammered and looking for guys," Aimee said. "Tonight's not about you, it's about Jeremiah."

When the Alabama native confronted Nilly later that night, the latter admitted to blacking out during her senior-citizen tirade, then threatened to leave the house.

"This is crazy,” Aimee countered. “You can't be mean to people you don't know, and you can't just break and run when somebody confronts you about it. You have been unapologetic, and that makes me see you in a whole new light."

The morning after, Nilsa found herself nursing a physical and emotional hangover, unable to apologize for something she couldn't remember yet feeling like a "horrible person" nevertheless. That's when Aimee told her friend maybe she should leave. Ouch.

When Kortni and Candace came up with the grand plan to reconcile the duo during an epic road trip to Mermaid School (aka Aimee's lifelong dream), what was supposed to be a BFF lovefest became the most awkward car ride since that one between Kortni and Nilsa.

"The only way Nilsa is going to get back into my good graces is to give me a sincere apology and tells me that she really wants to try to work on herself," said the Princess Goddess Mermaid.

Nilly eventually did just that and then some, presenting her friend with a heartfelt letter (apology included) upon arriving to the hotel. And during their hallway heart-to-heart, Aimee dubbed Nilsa "so f*cking extra" but also addressing her own need to "stop being such a b*tch." The girls then hugged it out, resolving to be "f*cked up together."

As sweet as their happy ending was, we can't help but wonder -- could Aimee have been a little too harsh, and did she need to go at Nilsa so hard? Give us your thoughts, then tune in next week to MTV Floribama Shore (and get a glimpse at the newest mermaid to hit PCB)!