Will Co-Parenting Be Easier For Teen Mom's Cheyenne And Cory Since They Never Even Dated?

Being 'just friends' might actually work in their favor

Most of the Teen Mom relationships began in similar fashion: The couples met in high school, got pregnant, tried to make it work for the sake of their child, and eventually broke up (except in Catelynn and Tyler’s case!). However, things started out differently for Teen Mom OG newbie Cheyenne and her daughter’s father Cory — but could that be a good thing?

As we learned on the season’s premiere episode, the two had a showmance on The Challenge: Rivals III, but it never went beyond friendship — until Cheyenne got pregnant after a one-night stand at the reunion taping. The couple, though, was never officially together, and thus there were no romantic feelings involved.

“I do think it helps that we never dated,” Cheyenne told her family of their unique co-parenting dynamic. “There was never anything bad between us.”

Cory shared a similar sentiment with his friends in a separate conversation, saying "We never crossed that line to begin with. We were at that flirting, ‘Okay, let’s talk a little bit’ stage.”

As we saw on the episode, Cheyenne and Cory were still not together months after Ryder’s birth, but the pals were co-parenting their daughter well and even mutually agreed upon a child support and custody arrangement for her.

The only issue: Cory was not thrilled that Cheyenne’s new boyfriend Zach recently moved in with them, since Zach would be spending more time with Ryder than he will (Cheyenne gets the little one four days out of the week compared to Cory’s three).

But despite Cheyenne’s blossoming romance and their new “blended family,” will it be easier for her to co-parent with Cory since they don’t have a complicated history? And do you think their co-parenting relationship could turn romantic somewhere down the line? Tell us below, and keep watching Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c!