Are You The One? Poll: Which Ex Caused The Most Drama?

It's hard to vote for just one, but give it a try

The Are You the One? gang just got a major blast from the past. Introducing... a gaggle of former boyfriends and girlfriends.

While most people were spared from seeing their past partners during tonight's episode (lucky Bria and Jasmine), others weren't so fortunate (poor Samantha and Zak). And as some exes helped cast members gravitate toward their fellow housemates (Kayla to Cam), others maybe got a tiny bit too close to their erstwhile flames and deterred blossoming bonds (looking at you, Kenya).

But which love hopeful's visit drummed up the most action? Review the situations below, cast your vote and be sure to keep watching Are You the One? every Wednesday at 10/9c.

  • Zak and his ex Emily

    The former couple shared a warm embrace, and Bria genuinely wanted to speak to Emily about Zak (to learn more about him). That was the easy part: Zak confessed to Emily that he did not get the closure he needed from her and, soon enough, he started to sob. "I've only told one f*cking girl in my whole life I want to marry her, and that was Emily," he admitted. But he vowed to move on from her, which meant promptly making out with Morgan in a hammock (as a jealous and infuriated Bria watched from the sidelines).

  • Kenya and her ex Daryl

    While Kenya insisted to Tevin she was "not going to switch up" if her ex crashed the getaway, that plan kinda-sorta went out the window as soon as (Tevin's twin) Daryl arrived. The reason: Kenya and Daryl had no bad blood, and their relationship ended because he moved. While Daryl claimed he wanted to get back together, Kenya was visibly confused because of her connection with Tevin. But that didn't stop her from sneaking in some seemingly innocent smooches (too bad Tevin saw the PDA). And Kenya gravitating toward Daryl made Tevin run in the shower another direction (hi, Jasmine).

  • Samantha and her ex Tyler

    "Miss Independent" had some "unfinished business" with her longtime former beau -- and when she saw Tyler, she hugged him and had a good cry. The happy moment was short-lived: Tyler flipped out when he asked if Sam made out with someone during her Hawaii tenure (David, we mean Daniel). But Sam was quick to defend herself, claiming Tyler would not commit to her and oh, he hooked up with two of her friends the day after they broke up. "You're toxic!" she screamed. "You're like my own personal brand of f*cking heroin."

  • Kayla and her ex Ikaika

    Ikaika admitted he was in the Aloha State to support Kayla, but that statement immediately proved to be disingenuous when he began sh*t talking to Morgan. And when Kayla tried to start clean by introducing him to Cam, Ikaika stated that Kayla "requires a lot of love" and that Cam didn't really know Kayla's true colors yet. These statements (and Ikaika's overall 'tude) didn't sit well with Kayla (or Cam), and when she separately approached Ikaika and demanded respect from him, he exclaimed she was "disgusting." Cam was fast to come to Kayla's defense, but Ikaika had other ideas (like throwing a drink in Cam's face and charging toward him).