Is Playing The Field Going To Get Kyle Bounced From The Challenge?

From Cara to Faith to Ashley, Kyle is certainly spreading himself thin

Playing the field seems to be the name of the game for Kyle on Final Reckoning, but is his knack for knocking boots gonna get him booted from the game?

On tonight’s Challenge episode, and in the course of only one elimination round, the entire game changed, as did Kyle’s romantic prospects. While he’d previously been hooking up with Faith, he found himself suddenly single when Mercenaries Hunter and Ashley bounced Faith and Angela from the game in Armageddon. But, in the process, Ashley quickly caught Kyle’s eye, and suddenly, a new prospect manifested.

“Ashley, she is really hot…If TJ wants to do this game by swapping girls I’ve slept with out and bringing new, sexy girls in, I’m totally fine with it,” Kyle said. “This can happen every single time we go into elimination. Out with the old, in with the new.”

What Kyle seemed to have already forgotten, though, was that mixing love interests didn’t really work well as far as gameplay was concerned — it had earned him an Armageddon vote from his ex Cara Maria, who felt constantly slighted by Kyle. And the more Kyle approached Ashley romantically, the more he set into motion a brand new risk: getting on Hunter’s bad side. As Hunter and Ashley had previously dated, Hunter wasn’t thrilled by the idea of Ashley getting in bed with another guy.

So, when Kyle and Ashley did finally hook up (who could’ve seen it coming!), Ashley decided the best way to approach the situation was deny, deny, deny.

“[Hunter] did ask me if the Kyle hookup happened,” Ashley said. “And I lied. I was just trying to keep it a secret from everyone so that nobody’s feeling’s got hurt. I’m so nervous.”

And from the outside looking in, Johnny could tell Kyle was getting in his own way by adopting the title of resident player.

“Kyle’s like a heat-seeking missile when it comes to females,” he said. “Strap on your seatbelts because sh*t is about to get wild.”

Plus, let’s not forget that if Faith and Angela return from the Redemption House, there will likely be hell to pay.

“Faith: Not only did I take her spot in the game, I took her bed, I took her boyfriend,” Ashley said. “This girl probably isn’t going to like me very much. I hope she doesn’t get back in this house.”

And after Faith watched Ashley’s hookup with Kyle via the Redemption’s House surveillance room, she made a vow.

“I’m honestly a little more motivated,” Faith said. “I wanna take him down. I love taking womanizers down. I’ve done it before.”

What do you think — is Kyle doing himself a huge disservice by playing the field in the Challenge house, or is he just having harmless fun, and is there nothing to worry about? Share your thoughts and see how he and Brad perform next Tuesday night!