Teen Mom OG Debut: Bristol Reveals The Truth About Her Marriage

On her very first episode, the mother of three opened up about her 'challenging' family life

“It’s a whole new Teen Mom with Bristol Palin on board, and her journey officially began during tonight's season premiere.

But unfortunately, she said in the episode, “my life is not freaking perfect at all,” and she gave viewers a taste of what she meant. First, Bristol admitted that her marriage to husband Dakota — the father of her two young daughters Sailor and Atlee and stepdad to her son Tripp — isn't always easy.

“It’s been challenging because I think we were already grown up and set in our ways when we got married,” Bristol confessed at her sister’s bachelorette party. “It’s been a difficult time for us both in this marriage.”

Meanwhile, Dakota, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who lost his entire team in battle and now suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), feels as though his wife doesn't support him during his darkest moments.

“You can’t be there for me whenever I have anxiety, [and] that’s part of me being married to me,” he told the mom of three after she asked what was wrong. “You can’t put your own angers aside and try to help the person that’s your husband. But it’s fine, because just like every other time, I’ll figure it out again. But don’t act like you don’t know what’s wrong.”

Bristol understood how he felt but later told her husband (and producers) that, sometimes, it seemed as though Dakota used his PTSD as an excuse for his anger.

“I’m a punching bag for everything he’s going through internally,” she said. “I tell the counselors that we’ve seen, 'Can I sit here and blame this on his service, or is this just him being a d*ck?'”

She concluded, “I don’t want to raise my kids to think this is what a marriage looks like.”

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