How Motherhood Is Different This Time For Teen Mom OG's Amber

She says it's a whole new world with baby number two

Amber began this Teen Mom OG season pregnant -- but by the conclusion of the inaugural episode, the Indiana native welcomed son James with her beau Andrew.

“I feel like with James, I’m a full-time mom finally,” she told producers after the birth, alluding to the fact that Gary was granted primary custody of their daughter when she was younger. “I still feel really horrible about things that happened with Leah, and it weighs on my mind. I just feel like, why couldn’t I do this with her? Why couldn’t I be sober?”

Luckily, though, Leah has been taking well to her baby brother, and the siblings already share a strong bond -- despite Leah spending most of her time at her dad’s.

“The number-one thing I love so far is just how Leah’s been reacting to him," Amber said. "The one thing I was worried about was just making sure they had a relationship. I always said I’m never having another baby ... [Now] I can’t think of anything else but my little family. I could’ve been missing out on this.”

And let’s give credit where credit is due — Andrew played a big role in Amber’s newfound take on motherhood.

“I think the difference is the people that I was with,” she said of her baby daddies. “I feel like with Andrew, he kinda just saved everything.”

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