How Well Does Michael B. Jordan Really Know Black Panther?

Wakanda Forever -- or not?

Michael B. Jordan said some poignant words when he starred in Black Panther -- but how well does he really know the lines from his hit film?

In a sneak peek of the SafeWord season premiere, below, the actor faces off against Ridiculousness' Steelo Brim in a game called "Wakanda or Weezy?" The objective: As host Terrence J explains, the guys will have to determine if certain phrases come from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards' Best Movie or if they're hip-hop lyrics.

Even better, someone very special is on hand to help execute the ridiculous shenanigans: Tiffany Haddish. To hear her hysterical interpretations -- and to see how the guys fare -- watch the clip. And don't miss the entire installment of SafeWord tomorrow at 11/10c!