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Backstage Pass: How MTV's Stars Chronicled Their Evening At The VMAs

The show may be over, but they'll always have these memories

Everything happened at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards -- and a bunch of lucky MTV stars made sure to document the special event. The surroundings may have been quite different from The Hills and the Jersey Shore, but it was still an evening for the books.

Take a look at the photo roundup below, and share your favorite moments from the show in the comments!

  • The Baltierras before the extravaganza
  • Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 crossover
  • According to Nova's dad, the show was "lit"
  • This is obviously not a Catfish-altered photo
  • According to Stephanie Pratt (and Nicky Hilton), blondes have more fun
  • The party is really here (thanks Snooki)!
  • When Spencer Pratt met Maluma...
  • "The Royal Family of Reality TV"
  • Wonder if they had some funfetti cake before the festivities
  • Deena Cortese with the hubby and the bb before the big show
  • This looks nothing like Les Deux