Do Ashley And Hunter Have What It Takes To Hijack Final Reckoning?

The former champion and her 'AYTO' teammate are ready to do some damage

As Tony observed on the latest Challenge episode, host TJ Lavin is the dirtiest player in the game, and the BMX legend’s latest move has upstaged even the grimiest spots on his resume.

On tonight’s Final Reckoning episode — and after some expert politicking from the latest mission-winners Kayleigh and Kam — rookies Faith and Ashley were finally voted into Armageddon, a move that a handful of veteran teams had been trying to achieve for some time. And, because Kam’s plan was so foolproof, the only team eligible to battle Faith and Angela in the coming elimination round was Jozea and Da’Vonne, an additional pair of rookies that the vets had also been trying to pick off.

But just as the battle was set to begin, TJ dropped a bombshell: Faith and Angela wouldn’t be battling the Big Brother exports. Instead, TJ noted he was reviving the dreaded storming of the Mercenaries from Vendettas, and out popped Hunter and Ashley, who both looked bloodthirsty.

“These people better be scared because I’m feeling the power like I did on ‘Invasion,’” Ashley, said, citing her triumphant season, while Hunter noted: “I’m excited, I feel like a tiger that’s been locked in a cage, and I’m ready to bust out.”

But the newbies weren’t so pleased with the news.

“I’m standing in my first elimination, I’m going against Mercenaries, like how the f*ck did this happen to me?” Angela said incredulously.

And that wasn’t all — while the Vendettas Mercenaries were temporary players, and tasked exclusively with taking other players out, Final Reckoning Mercenaries could earn their way into the game if they successfully won an Armageddon. Yup: That means if Ashley and Hunter are able to strong-arm their way to an elimination-round victory, they’ll take Faith and Angela’s spot in the game, and Faith and Angela will be sent straight into the Redemption House.

So far, Faith and Angela have been among the top performers in Final Reckoning, and consistently exceed expectations, but they haven’t been tested like this quite yet. Which way will the wind blow?

What do you think — will Ashley and Hunter take out Faith and Angela and proceed to dominate the game? Or, do you think they’re a little bit too sure of themselves, and was Ashley’s Invasion win an anomaly across an otherwise winless collective record? Share your thoughts, and see if these two have what it takes to come out on top when The Challenge returns on Tuesday!