Questionable Choices: Is Zak Playing 'A Good' Are You The One? Game?

He thinks he is, but the rest of the house isn't so sure

Bria, Morgan, Nutsa, Samantha and probably another girl (or girls) we're not naming all share one guy in common. And his name is Zak.

During tonight's brand-new Are You the One? episode, the ladies all made their feelings known for the self-proclaimed toxic-relationship addict. For his part, he kept things, well, fluid. Like when he told Nutsa he thought they were a perfect match to moments later sneaking off with Bria (yes, they reconciled after that luau situation) to the Boom Boom Room.

"I'm telling one girl one thing; I'm telling the other girl the same thing," he slyly disclosed as he was intimate with Bria. "I'm playing the game. We all have to play the game, but I'm playing it good right now."

But everyone some people didn't think so -- and when Samantha chose Zak at the Match Up ceremony, his actions came to a head. Oh, and Bria had a fit and called him out.

"He feels like he can say one thing to me and say another to other people," she stated, while Nutsa agreed.

And when Samantha tried to stick up for Zak by asking what he did to disrespect Bria (Bria threw that claim out in the middle of her tirade), Bria shot back. Specifically, she revealed how Zak told her that Samantha sounded like she was "smoking for forty years" and that Nutsa was "ditzy."

More shouting ensued and, eventually, Zak and Samantha "locked in," while Bria yelled from the sidelines that she would eventually see the light about Zak. But will she? And what about Zak's statement about the "game" part of all of this? Do you think he's actually doing a "good" job on the dating series, or are his choices the opposite of good (yeah, bad)? Sound off with your thoughts and keep watching him -- and the rest of the Season 7 crew -- every Wednesday at 10/9c.