[Spoiler] Is The First Season 7 Are You The One? Couple Heading To The Honeymoon Suite

We have a confirmed 'perfect match' on our hands

The Are You the One? cast just "won the f*cking World Series." That is, if you ask Jasmine.

During tonight's brand-new episode, the Season 7 gang got its first perfect match. The lucky couple heading to the honeymoon suite? Shamoy and Maria. Their reaction to the game-changing development?

"You don't know how f*cking happy I am," Maria declared after she exited the Truth Booth with her boo. And the house was pretty ecstatic too.

"It's like the biggest celebration because it's week three and we already have a perfect match," Jasmine reflected, after making her point about the baseball championship. "What more history are we going to make this season?"

While Maria and Shamoy weren't exactly a surprise PM (they bonded right out of the gate, sat together at the first two Match-Up ceremonies and always guaranteed a no-Blackout situation and were sent to the TB with a unanimous vote), it doesn't take away from the sweet exchanges they shared throughout the installment about their budding romance.

"Getting to know you better is all I'm looking forward to," Shamoy told his lady in the middle of their getaway date, admitting he thought their relationship could "go somewhere."

And after they kissed, Maria gushed that she "felt a spark."

"I think he's so cute," she added. "If we're not a match, I'm going to be devastated."

No need to be upset, Maria, because he is your match! Do you think Maria and Shamoy will be an AYTO success story? And will this early confirmed PM help move the house in a positive direction? Sound off, and keep watching these crazy love hopefuls every Wednesday at 10/9c.