Change of Heart: Derek Was Bummed Out -- But Then Overjoyed -- When He Finally Met His Catfish

Yes, folks, we have a bona fide happily-ever-after!

A young man went from “WTF” to “ICFILWU” when he finally met his never-seen-before girlfriend on this week’s Catfish.

Derek, who was born and raised Vancouver, Washington, had first become acquainted with Annabelle, a hottie from Portland, Oregon, after he broke up with his girlfriend and got on Snapchat. The two immediately fell head-over-heels, but you know the story: Annabelle had plenty of excuses to avoid meeting in person, and she and Derek had never even talked on the phone.

After flying to Vancouver and getting plenty of 411 from Derek, Nev and his wife Laura (subbing for Max) swiftly made a list of suspects: Sam, Derek’s ex-girlfriend; Derek’s friend Jen who, interestingly, was Facebook friends with both him and Annabelle; and Becca, Jen’s former roommate and one of Derek’s best friends since childhood.

But when Annabelle finally agreed to meet with Derek (and Nev/Laura), it at first seemed like it was none of those women -- Derek’s buddy Jeremy arrived on the scene. So did Jeremy have a man crush on Derek? Not quite. He went back to his car and got the real Annabelle -- or, at least, the fake one. And Derek’s Snapchat galpal turned out to be Jeremy’s sister -- aka Becca.

“So I’m Annabelle,” she said. “I’m sorry. Everything I said was the truth -- I just was afraid to talk to you as me because you’re like a brother to me.”

Derek’s reaction? “I’m mind-blown right now. I feel so stupid. We’ve all been like one big family since we met back in high school days,” he said, before telling Nev, “I feel so f*cking used.”

But his frustration was fleeting: A few minutes later, he admitted to Nev and Laura that, well, look at that, he’d actually tried his luck with Becca in the past.

“I tried to hook up with her back in the day… and probably even recently,” he admitted. “To be honest, I’m almost glad it is her.”

But alas, he said, their hookup had felt off-kilter, so he didn’t try it again -- which, Becca soon revealed, made her feel “rejected.”

“I wasn’t rejecting you,” Derek offered. “I just felt like it was awkward at the moment. I didn’t know you really liked me like that. … I only looked at you as a sister because I thought you looked at me like a brother.”

He then confirmed his complete change of heart. “I’m willing to give it a shot,” he said, just before referencing his romance with “Annabelle.” “Hopefully I can have that connection with you in real life.”

Becca’s response: “I hope so too.”

So did the two have a happily-ever-after? You bet. A month later, when Nev and Laura videochatted with Derek, Becca was by his side, and the two said they’d become inseparable.

“What about trust?” Laura asked, as Nev noted that Becca is “capable of elaborate deceptions.”

“I trust her,” Derek said confidently, prompting Laura to say that she and Nev would be “expecting a wedding invitation in the mail.”

But what do you think? Can Becca be trusted? And will the two really ever make it down the aisle? Pretend you're a relationship expert, and tell us your Catfish thoughts! And catch Catfish next Wednesday at 9/8c.