'I'm Out Of Here': Is Bria Really Leaving Are You The One?

She says she's done -- all because of Zak

Prediction: Bria is going to have an unforgettable Are You the One? season. That is, if she doesn't bolt from the dating series.

What led her to declare that she was "gone" as the series premiere concluded? Going to the beginning: Bria zeroed right in on "literally beautiful" Zak and made her very strong feelings known.

"There's no one else in this house that I'm even remotely attracted to," she confessed seconds moments after meeting him. "I'm gonna fight you if you start f*cking with someone else."

She wasn't messing around -- yet Zak started exploring other perfect match options. First, he kissed Maria on a getaway date (Bria sobbed that he did what she was worried would happen as he apologized). Next, Bria reads Zak's lips as he commented about someone's ass (she had to meditate to calm down). Then Zak entered the confessional with Morgan to get some privacy (Bria successfully barged into the private space but then tearfully expressed regret to Morgan for her behavior).

But every incident was small potatoes compared to when Zak made out with Nutsa at a house luau.

"You f*cking with each other. That's what we're not doing," Bria snapped at the two. "We're not gonna do that. If you guys f*ck with each other, that's not what we're not gonna do."

But that was only the beginning. Bria proceeded to call Zak a "f*cking bitch," while Zak said she was "ratchet as f*ck." The installment concluded with Bria telling Kwasi she was "gone."

"I'm out of here," she sobbed. "It's literally stupid-ass disrespect[ful]. I have to go."

Bria's exit strategy (and Nutsa feeding Zak a strawberry) is all we know. So will she stay -- or will she go? Don't miss Are You the One? on Wednesday at 10/9c to see how it all plays out.