'Is This A F*cking Joke?': Nae Wasn't Laughing When She Learned The Identity Of Her Catfish

Frankly, we’d be friggin' furious too

A young woman from Ohio finally discovered the identity of her longtime catfish -- and let’s just say she wasn’t amused by the revelation.

On this week’s episode of the hit show, 19-year-old Nae summoned Nev and Max to help her meet Brandon, an 18-year-old from Altoona, Pennsylvania. But after hearing details of the couple’s six-month relationship, Nev was immediately suspicious.

“The mystery man from Altoona smells fishy,” he said. Tuna, fishy. Get it?

And frankly, there was plenty that seemed doubtful. Nae had met Brandon on Tinder, but the two had never even FaceTimed. He bailed on one in-person meetup and -- get this -- said he was “internet famous.” But when Nev and Max checked his Instagram, he had only posted two photos -- yet somehow had 80,000 followers. (Dude was buying followers, case closed.)

The dynamic duo soon had two suspects: There was Nae’s high school boyfriend Thomas, whom she’d dumped after finding out he’d cheated on her during their three-year relationship. But Thomas was apparently still into her, even chatting with Nae’s twin sister and expressing his unwavering interest. Then there was Matt, one of Brandon’s Facebook friends who got on the phone with Nev and Max and swore that Brandon was, in fact, real.

So was Brandon real? Or was it Matt pretending to be Brandon? Or was it Thomas all along? The answer came the moment Nae finally laid eyes on “Brandon” in person.

“Is this a f*cking joke?” she asked before telling Nev and Max that the man in front of her was, indeed, Thomas.

So why’d he do it? For love, of course.

“Hopefully she realizes that I went through all this for her and my feelings are real, and we can work something out,” Thomas told Max.

Nae’s thought bubble? “Not today, Satan Thomas.”

“It’s not high school anymore,” she spat. “This is not how you get somebody back. … I’ve explained [that] the reason we’ll never be together is I’ll never forget what you did to me. I’ve heard it before -- everything you’re saying. It’s literally going in one ear and right out the other. … That’s all she wrote for me.”

And boy, did she mean it. Three months later, when the guys videochatted with her, Nae said she’d never spoken to Thomas again and was, in fact, now dating two people.

“Two guys at the same time?” Max asked.

“No,” Nae smiled. “One’s a girl.”

All together now: Woohoo!

But what do you think? Was Thomas a total creep for deceiving Nae, or was he just hopelessly devoted to her (Grease throwback!)? And should Nae have given him a second chance, or was she smart to kick him to the curb? Get opinionated and tell us your thoughts.