Would The Are You The One? Season 7 Cast Rather Have Love Or Money?

Affairs of the heart -- or cash in that wallet

Are You the One? cast members have the chance to walk away with love or money. But if the Season 7 guys and gals -- who will embark on this crazy adventure beginning tomorrow -- had to choose between the two, what would they pick? For starters, one cast member is having a bit of a challenge with the query.

"Both," Nutsa declares in the video above, before a producer off-camera informs her she has to make a selection.

"I can't pick one over the other," she says.

While Andrew thinks loot "can buy happiness," Kayla thinks deep affection is "priceless." But how did the rest of the gang answer -- and which option was more popular? Check out their responses above -- and to hear if the cast would choose sex or pizza, peep the clip below. Then don't miss the premiere of Are You the One? tomorrow at 10/9c!