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20 Mean Girls Moments That Could Totally Happen On Lindsay Lohan's MTV Series

Fingers crossed there won't be a Burn Book

Lindsay Lohan is launching a beach club in Mykonos, and MTV will capture her journey as she makes her mark on the Greek island. And yes, it's going to be "so fetch."

In honor of the actress' new small-screen venture, we're heading down memory lane and envisioning how moments from her iconic film Mean Girls might fit right into the new docu-series. Enjoy the #TBT Cady Heron/Regina George/Gretchen Weiners-focused roundup below -- and here's hoping Lindsay's new crew won't create a Burn Book.

  1. When the beach house is officially open for business
  2. How Lindsay makes her grand entrance on the first day of work...
  3. ...and happily greets her new employees
  4. Imposing a dress code (on a certain day of the week)
  5. If God forbid the kalteen bars work snacks run out
  6. "Can you stay late and help?"
  7. How battle lines are drawn if work alliances are formed
  8. When your favorite song is playing at the club...
  9. ...and the bartender makes a fresh round of cocktails
  10. It's pay day (thank goodness)
  11. When you're trying to impress your work crush
  12. Getting singled out in front of the entire group
  13. When the alarm clock doesn't go off and you're going to be very late
  14. When someone says that Mykonos is gorgeous
  15. Reacting to being named employee of the month
  16. When you opt to skip a beach outing
  17. The moment you realize your work bestie isn't on the same shift as you
  18. When you never forget the day something monumental happened
  19. When you're unsure of what Greek delicacies you're eating
  20. When the adventure comes to an end... and you leave with new pals

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