Fair-Weather Friend: Should Floribama's Kortni Have Had Candace's Back?

Just call her 'Switzerland'

When Candace found herself at odds against the guys in the MTV Floribama Shore house just before her boo thang's big arrival, she expected at least one person to stick by her side -- her bestie Kortni.

Turns out, though, that friendship may be slightly one-sided. On tonight's episode, after Gus and Co. mocked GatorJay231SouthsideGawd's moniker, Candace went on the attack, leading Gus to throw the insult of all insults: "You don't even deserve to be called a woman." WHAT?

While Aimee and Nilsa were floored over their roommate's nasty words, Kortni refused to deal with anyone's "petty bullsh*t drama" and chose to remained neutral... a la Switzerland.

Candace quickly took notice of that, dripping in sarcasm with a sassy, "Thank you for having my back, Kortni. Appreciate you, boo."

Candace described Kortni as her "closest friend in the house" and claimed to have been there for the PCB local "100 percent of the time" -- especially when her girl was in need of some Pampers. (We'll never forget Candace taking her new roomie under her wise wing back when K was peeing on perfectly innocent beds.)

"I don't feel like she had my back at all," continued the Memphis native. "Just to sit there and not say anything? Like, I would never do that if Kortni was arguing. I would at least try to get in the middle and diffuse the situation."

Kortni, on the other hand, felt differently.

"I may be Candace's only friend in the house, but she isn't mine," Switzerland she said. "I'm friends with everybody. She can't put me in the situation to pick and choose."

That's not what Candy thinks -- but what do you think? Was Kortni being fair to refrain from speaking up, or should she have had her buddy's back? And can their friendship be repaired? Sound off with your thoughts, and catch the aftermath of GatorJaymaggedon on Monday, August 27 at 10/9c.