King Princess's 'Holy' Video Proves Maybe God Is A Woman After All

The rising pop star supplies your new summer aesthetic

Scrap whatever summer aesthetic you were sticking to this season — rising pop star King Princess dropped a new video on Thursday (July 26), and it's more stunning than any painting you'd find in the Louvre.

In the visual for "Holy," co-directors Clare Gillen and Scott Ross give King Princess a dreamy, tiffany backdrop for "ruling with the velvet tongue." The 19-year-old turns her face to the sun, swims in a crystal-clear pool, and poses in a field while teasing, "I'll get you lost but I'm having fun." Maybe Ariana Grande was right: god really is a woman.

"Holy" follows the videos for the Harry Styles-approved "1950" and the lovesick "Talia." All three tracks appear on King Princess's debut EP, Make My Bed, which arrived last month and cemented her as one of pop's most promising — and most essential — new voices.

For more on the singer-songwriter, check out her recent interview with MTV News, in which she discusses gender, queerness, and feeling "other."