'I'm Not Doing It Anymore': Jenelle Just Got Honest About Her Teen Mom 2 Future

The point of contention? Her husband David

Jenelle's husband David is no longer on Teen Mom 2 -- and during tonight's season finale, the mother of three got candid about her own future on the long-running series.

To recap: Jenelle participated in a shoot and stated it went "well" after it was over. But she then told co-executive producer Kristen she was "annoyed" that David wasn't by her side. When Kristen asked if it has been "awkward" being on camera without her partner, Jenelle got brutally honest about her circumstances.

"David will film the next season, or I'm not doing it," she said. "And I will go do my own f*cking thing, and I will get out of my contract. Best believe. Mark my f*cking words: I'm not doing it anymore."

She continued: "That's my husband -- he's going to be there forever. What do they think, I'm just going to break up with David and just do the rest of the show? No."

From there, Jenelle talked about offers she says she's received from Netflix and Amazon and added that she doesn't want to travel anywhere without her "support and security blanket."

"I'm not even comfortable being here in Wilmington without David -- I'm really not," she said.

Be sure to watch Part 1 of the reunion on Monday at 9/8c to hear Jenelle reflect on the past season.