Welcome Home: The Next Family Vacation Includes A Stop At The Jersey Shore

'Party's here!' -- in the old Seaside Heights house

In 2012, Snooki, JWOWW, Deena, Vinny, Pauly, Ronnie and Mike left the Jersey Shore. But on their upcoming Family Vacation, the gang is "not done" and will return to their old stomping grounds for the ultimate homecoming.

"Party's here," Snooki proudly declares in the extended look at the brand-new episodes, perfectly recreating her iconic Season 1 entrance. But this time, she isn't met with a glare from JWOWW.

There's more: The gang is back around the Seaside Heights family table and also in Las Vegas -- nightclubs, gambling, bonding with Ronnie's little girl Ariana and "Mr. and Mrs. Pauly D." Oh, and the dirty little hamster Angelina might be coming to Sin City -- and Jenni is not happy about it.

See her priceless reaction below, watch the family back bitches in action and do not miss the two-hour premiere episode on Thursday, August 23 at 8/7c!