Teen Mom 2 Poll: Which Of Briana And Kailyn's Fights Shook You The Most?

The two went head-to-head off-camera and then right on the reunion stage

Kailyn and Briana had quite the confrontation at last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, but as we saw on tonight’s “Behind the Screams” special, that was just a warm-up.

When the girls and their castmates reunited in New York to film the annual reunion and Unseen Moments specials, the two got into it twice -- and things got real ugly.

So here’s what transpired: Kail texted Bri that she wanted to talk -- off-camera -- about a comment Bri made online alleging Lux's dad Chris hit Kail and her kids. After some back-and-forth, they met in a conference room -- with MTV security in tow and microphones capturing the audio -- to hash things out.

“I wanna know why you were comfortable enough to say some sh*t about my kids and about Chris,” we heard Kail say during the closed-door chat. “You don’t want me talking about your kids; you don’t want me talking about your mom… You have no f*cking right.”

“I’m gonna do what I wanna do. I’m gonna say what I wanna say, and that’s it,” Bri responded.

“Let me just hit her one time,” Kail quipped. “She wants to talk all this internet sh*t, but she can’t talk sh*t to my face.”

Eventually, the girls calmed down and returned to their separate dressing rooms (and told their pals and producers what had gone down). But it wasn’t over.

Later that day, Briana walked out on stage ready to fight her frenemy at the Unseen Moments taping. “Now you’re not going to do it in front of the cameras but before you was, bitch?" she asked. "Now you don’t wanna do nothing?”

As Kail tried to move closer to Briana, Bri's sister Brittany walked up behind Kailyn and pulled her hair. Meanwhile, Briana was being restrained by security guards and yelling as everyone else was being ushered off stage.

“She wouldn’t do sh*t in the room when it was just me and her. Now everyone’s here and you wanna act all tough,” Kailyn said as she was being escorted out. “You’re an internet thug! Brittany has to come behind me to get me. Your sister has to fight your battles, bitch!”

Both confrontations were obviously intense, but which was more uncomfortable to witness -- the off-camera argument or the on-camera brawl? Vote below, and tune in to Part 1 of the reunion Monday at 9/8c.