Should Jenelle And Chelsea Have Bailed On The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Taping?

The cast members opted out of filming due to all the mama drama

Last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion was quite the episode, with Kailyn and Briana’s confrontation over Javi and Barbara and Nathan’s backstage spat with Jenelle. So it’s not that surprising that two of the moms, Chelsea and Jenelle, opted out of this round’s end-of-season tapings. But was it the best decision?

As we saw on this week’s “Behind the Screams” special, pregnant Chelsea flew into New York City for filming with Cole, Aubree and Watson in tow -- they even had “drama’s for nerds” shirts made for the crew! But Chels told her pal Kailyn ahead of time that should an argument break out between Kail and Briana, she wanted no part of it.

“I don’t want to be there, honestly, if this is even an issue,” Chelsea said. “Do you understand? I understand your feeling, but I personally don’t want to be in the middle. If I’m not there tomorrow… I hope you would understand.”

And Chelsea wasn’t kidding. Once Briana came out on stage the next day for “Unseen Moments” -- “guns blazing” and ready to fight Kailyn -- Chels excused herself from stage. We later learned she left NYC entirely and agreed to film her individual segment from home in South Dakota at a later date.

Meanwhile, Jenelle didn’t fly up to the Big Apple at all, partly because her husband David wasn’t allowed to accompany her and partly because she also didn’t want any involvement in the cattiness.

“I don’t wanna be around the drama,” she said. “No one gets along anymore. It’s a bunch of cat-fighting. I don’t know where things went wrong. Dr. Drew is coming here to Wilmington [to film] because I’m not going up there.”

But did the girls make the right decisions when they opted out of filming? Or should they have stuck it out like Leah did? Tell us your thoughts, and tune into Part 1 of the reunion Monday at 9/8c.