Challenge Rumors: Will Paulie's Sordid Claims About Britni Break Brad?

No one ever wants to hear the words, 'Your girl was f*cking her ex'

Paulie and Natalie may have gone down at the first Redemption House comeback contest, but Paulie ensured that the duo at least went down swinging.

On tonight’s Challenge episode, the Big Brother castoffs learned they’d finally have a second chance to be a part of Final Reckoning. Still, Redemption House proceedings would work a little bit differently on Season 32 than they did on Dirty Thirty, TJ Lavin informed the four teams that had been eliminated. Instead of drumming up a Battle Royale to determine which team would rise from the ashes, TJ brought back the dreaded Double Cross and informed the group of castoffs that only two teams would get the chance to return, while the others would go home on the spot.

And, as luck would have it, Paulie pulled the dueling Xs on his very first try, giving him and Natalie the advantage of choosing their opponents in a coming one-on-one battle. The winner would return to the game, while the loser would, once again, take up tenancy in the Redemption House.

And Paulie wanted to ensure that the matchup would be explosive.

Paulie, who was no fan of Kyle and Brad, warned that if he got a chance to compete in the comeback game, he’d shake things up by airing Britni’s dirty laundry to her boyfriend Brad — sort of. While Britni had, indeed, been flirting with her ex-boyfriend Chuck at the Redemption House, Paulie swore he’d exaggerate the tale in the event he got a platform and make Brad believe Britni and Chuck had slept together (there was no proof that they had).

And once the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ceremony began, Paulie proved he meant business; without flinching, he eliminated Teams Jenna/Jemmye and Britni/Chuck just to piss off Jenna’s boyfriend Zach and Brad.

“Paulie, you squirrely little bitch -- you’re done,” Zach warned.

But that was just the half of it.

In “Balls to the Wall,” Teams Natalie/Paulie and Jozea/Da’Vonne were challenged with extracting two sledgehammers lodged behind two walls, smashing through a sheet of ice and escaping one of two small rooms. Because of Natalie’s struggles to get a grip of her sledgehammer, her team fell behind, and in a truly stunning upset, Jozea and Da’Vonne won and reentered the game.

Still, Paulie and Natalie weren’t eliminated yet, and Paulie made sure to leave his mark on Brad before he returned to the Redemption House.

“I did you a favor, bro,” Paulie spat at Brad. “Your girl was f*cking her ex in the Redemption House. Told him she loved him too.”

Instantly, Brad’s expression changed.

“Brad, you can just tell, the look on his face — you can see the hurt in his eyes,” Nelson said. “It’s kind of hard to say if Paulie’s telling the truth, but knowing Britni, a part of me kind of does believe him.”

And a part of Brad looked like he believed Paulie too. The question is, will the Real World: San Diego export beyond be able to tell that Paulie is bluffing, and can he keep focused on the game? Or is it clear that he’s totally broken, and is his game going to suffer? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out when The Challenge returns Tuesday!