Will Gus And Nilsa's Floribama Friendship Ever Evolve Into A Romance?

My, how the tables have turned

Gus and Nilsa are that couple that can't ever get on the same page... and boy, is it frustrating as hell.

Both parties are in a different headspace than they were last summer on MTV Floribama Shore:  Gus has swapped his grand wife search for a hunch-tastic summer, while the beautiful brunette is over her ex and officially on the hunt for "a good guy."

How's this for evidence of their epic role reversal: Last summer, Gus was noshing cheesecake off the floor in a bid to woo Nilsa (who couldn't care less), while just recently, Nilly found herself straddling the Tallahassee native in the back of a cab begging him to "give it a try" in between a series of smooches.

Suffice to say, Nilsa felt a twinge of embarrassment following their taxicab game of one-sided tonsil hockey. "If y'all find my dignity, send it on back to me," she said, as Gus expressed regret over his recent one-nighter with she whose name ends in -ayla.

"I want to go out and have fun, but I can't do that without feeling bad for it," the sensitive 22-year-old later confessed to Nilsa, who was quick to offer words of comfort.

"Gus and I's relationship has done a complete 180," Nilly said. "Who would have thought that I would be out there consoling Gus? We're there for each other, and it kind of feels good."

Fast forward to this week's episode, during which the PCB local had a slight change of heart when the modern-day Fabio started poking fun at Candace's boo thang GatorJay231SouthsideGawd.

"I don't like this at all," Nilly said of Gus' resolution to rename GatorJay. "We should be respectful and call Candace's boyfriend by his name, GatorJay231SouthsideGawd."

It's tough to tell where Nilsa and Gus are presently -- or where their friendship/relationship will go. So what do you think is in their future? Give us your best prediction, then continue to follow the Gilsa journey every Monday on MTV Floribama Shore at 10/9c!