'It’s A Joke': Teen Mom 2's Cole Isn't On Board With Adam's Visitation Arrangement

Chelsea's ex can have supervised visits with Aubree, but will he even make the effort?

Cole has always tried to stay out of the Teen Mom 2 fray ("drama’s for nerds," remember?) and usually lets wife Chelsea do most of the talking, especially when it pertains to her ex Adam. But on this week’s episode, he didn't hold back his feelings about Adam and the local visitation center where he legally must go in order to see daughter Aubree.

Cole accompanied pregnant Chelsea to check out the center and help her fill out the paperwork; however, Adam still hadn’t completed his. And though Cole admitted the facility was “nicer than I expected,” he wasn’t thrilled that his stepdaughter had to go there in the first place, nor did he think Adam would even make the effort to see his child.

“I was very annoyed that [the center] contacts him to try to set stuff up. It’s like, 'No -- you’re just being a babysitter trying to tell him when,' ” Cole told Chelsea on the ride home. “If he wants to see her, he can f*cking call and make an appointment, you know? That’s ridiculous. It’s a joke.”

Watson’s dad also expressed how frustrated he was that Adam’s parents, who have been privy to their son’s legal issues, have not urged him to get better and instead put the blame on the DeBoers.

“No one will say sh*t to him, and he can’t get anything together,” Cole said. “If they would tell him, 'Hey, get your sh*t together…' But now it’s our fault?”

Chels wasn’t quite as fired up as her hubby but did admit the visitation center was “sad” and “depressing,” and just wished Adam would do his part for their daughter's sake.

“He has to do the first step of even going there and doing what we just did," she said. "It feels good that we did our part. If he wanted to, he should’ve gone there the next day.”

Do you think Adam will sign the papers and get his supervised visits with Aubree? And if you were Cole, would you be upset about the situation too? Sound off, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.