Floribama Poll: Can Codi Fix His Fractured Friendship With Aimee?

He says he never tried to use her -- but the cameras don't lie

Codi has his fair share of guilty pleasures on MTV Floribama Shore: sunscreen, Speedos and stirring the pot, to name a few.

And on tonight's episode, the Southerner took part in the latter yet again -- only this time, he hurt one of his best friends (aka Aimee) in the process. Oh, and he also ruined any chance at a love connection with his crush Candace.

So what exactly got him on the outs with not one, but two of his female roommates? Let us recap: While dodging Codi's persistent advances, Candace confessed that she has a hard time taking him seriously, primarily because he plays too much and spent much of last summer "up Aimee's ass."

"You know why I do that? Because I want to make you feel jealous. I want you to come and pursue me," he responded, just before getting on bended knee to ask his lady love on a proper date.

While Candace accepted, their romantic plans were short-lived (déjà vu, anyone?), seeing as her boo thang GatorJay231SouthsideGawd wasn't having it. That's when Codi resolved to make the Memphis native jealous by making out with no less than three women at Club La Vela.

Too bad his plan failed, as Candace soon found herself "entirely and completely fed up with Codi." "He claims to have had a thing for me, and now he's just making out with whoever, and I'm over it," she said.

Then, during the THOT-mobile ride home, Candy told an already sensitive Aimee what Codi had said earlier -- you know, how he pretty much used her to make Candace jealous. And of course, Aimee immediately burst into tears.

"It really hurts my feelings that he used me," Aimee said. "I thought me and Codi were closer than that... I thought he was my best guy friend. That's so f**king wrong on so many levels."

After Nilsa and Candace both confronted Codi, he denied any wrongdoing or that he ever said he used Aimee: "I never said I hit on Aimee to make Candace jealous. If anything, I tried to hit on other girls not in this house to try to make Candace jealous."

Well, okay, but sorry, buddy -- cameras don't lie. Now we're left to ask: Can Codi make this right, or is his friendship with Aimee destined to be a thing of the past? Take our poll, sound off with your comments and see what's next for our Floribama Shore crew Monday at 10/9c.