What A Ride: Remembering Max Joseph's Best Catfish Moments

The silver fox is saying saying 'see you later' to the series (insert sad face here)

Since 2012, Max Joseph has aided young men and women meet their mysterious online crushes/companions in real life. And after countless trips to Catlanta around the world (riding in the passenger seat) and awkward first meetings (many in random parks after a lengthy waiting time), the Silver Fox is saying "see you later" to the series.

In honor of Max's incredible run on the docu-series, we're taking a fond look back at some of his most entertaining moments on MTV. From funny theories (like the one about Batman and Robin) to frustration overload (sometimes you have to just drop the camera), Max has always brought his unique perspective and refreshing sense of humor to each case. Enjoy the roundup below, share your favorite Max memories and do not miss the show's season finale this week at 9/8c.

  • Being called a 'stud'

    Season 1 alum Kim (remember when she turned down Matt after communicating for 10 years?) gave Max a pretty nice compliment -- and a hug to boot.

  • The ballad of Rod and Ebony

    The Season 1 duo's tale (both of them deceived each other but that was really only the beginning) is Max's favorite installment. Maybe it was all of those twists and turns?

  • "Why the f**k are we here?"

    Max is always protective of the hopefuls (except, you know, when they lie). But when it came to Jen (during Season 2), he (and Nev) let cyber crook Bryan (who was posing as Skylar) have it -- F bombs included.

  • Exiting stage right

    We all reach a breaking point sometimes, and Max sure did with Season 3's self-proclaimed "King of Catfishes" Adam.

  • On the road solo

    Divide and conquer! Max and Nev had to temporarily split in order to bring Jeff one step closer to meeting his ladylove Megan. In short, Jeff was an active navy sailor in Florida, while the woman behind the Brandy profile was in Texas. Eventually, Max successfully convinced her to journey to the Sunshine State to come face-to-face with Jeff.

  • Medium, spirits and more

    Max dubbed Kayla and Courtney's Season 5 episode as the "craziest episode" he had ever experienced -- and we would have to agree.

  • Is a superhero in the midst?

    During Season 6, Max had a humorous theory about Robin's boo: Wayne might actually be Batman. Robin, Wayne (as in Bruce Wayne, who's really Batman)...get it? Obviously, Wayne wasn't the Caped Crusader, but how could you not chuckle along with Max's comment?

  • 'Get your s**t together'

    Those choice words were for Season 6 conniving catfish Marcus, along with some other profanity for good measure.